Saturday, February 16, 2008

Toot had a Bug

She wasn't feeling well today. So we decided not to got to the zoo this afternoon. We spent the day taking good care of the little one. She is fine now and I'd rather not get into details of her ailment. 

Tomorrow is another day and we will be out and about to make up for this day of confinement. The days have been so nice and it's a three day weekend for us. I hope the nice days stay this way for a while. 

These butterflies we got on our trip to the Descanso Gardens. One of my favorite things to collect are plastic insects. I've got a nice collection that's starting to catch the Toot's attention. Someday I'll let her get a closer look at my personal collection. 


  1. What a wonderful photo! ... hope she's doing well. Have a nice week.

  2. Bugs are great!!! Two days ago I decided I should draw some. I went searching the internet and never got around to the actual drawing but I did love hunting. They are so beautiful. They have great markings and colors.....My three faves are butterflies, dragonflies, and the infamous jerusalem cricket! (ninos de la tierra) although I do love beetles too.. Years ago I wanted do do the cricket but never got around to it . Maybe it's time. The juices are flowing. I got four drawings out last week and I like them!!!!!! I'm feeling inspired! We've been grounded too. Matt had pneumonia. It's over and I had my first real day alone again after a month of being house bound and going stir crazy!! Soooo happy! Glad she's good. It's hard to see them miserable and sick. Hopefully we can get together soon.-----Liz p.s. love the bark. The last tree was the one I used to climb at home in our front yard. We were always up there hanging around playing on it or just sitting hidden by all it's leaves. When we knew supper time was coming we would hide there as long as we could get away with it. They always knew where we were but they would play along.

  3. Thanks for your get well wishes, Pura and Liz.
    She is fine now. We are back to rolling and catching ball in the living room....we've got cold cloudy days again.

    Liz, I remember the "Ninos de la tierra". When I was younger and liked Chris Kristofferson, my mother used to tease me by saying, "Tiene cara de nino de la tierra". This was when he shaved his beard.

    I'm so glad to see you posting your drawings in your blog. I've seen the spark ignited in you. It is fun when your inspired!
    We'll get together for the Descanso Gardens trip soon. These cloudy days have to pass.

    You should post the photo of the peacocks on your blog. It's a great photo! I have a strong feeling it's a great sign.