Sunday, December 30, 2007

A Whim....3

She's almost done. It's a lot of fun working on this. 


  1. a work in progress.........I love it. It's great to see the process as it unfolds. The only thing that I have created lately is a scarf! I keep thinking I'll get to this other stuff but life keeps me busy busy busy. --------Liz

  2. It's certainly a different piece with the color. The sketch is a touch more dramatic for me. The colors work well. Nice.

  3. Liz,
    I really have been busy with the Toot and cleaning. The only time I've had to do any computer painting is if I stay up late while the little one is asleep. The next day I have to wake up early and sleepy, but it's worth it. I do what I can.
    So, let's see a picture of that scarf? I've been checking into your blog for an update.
    Happy New Year! Any resolutions?

    I know the black and white is nice too. My hubby thinks I've gone over board, again. Let's just say he thinks I'm hiding some ruby slippers in the closet. I'm just having fun with color.