Friday, July 20, 2007

Morning Art before the bed bug cries.

Had to get up early this morning to get some work done on my latest project. Have to get up early in the morning to have some quiet time to paint. The little Itty has been a big motivation to get myself painting again. Maybe it was the feeling of not having time to do anything for myself. This scared me so much that I found time.
I am so grateful.


  1. is that really your desk? It's so orderly. mine is always in disorganized chaos!!!!! ----LIZ---

  2. I should have taken a picture after I finished the painting a few days ago. Sorry, I didn't think of showing the aftermath. It would have been a good picture.

    It's nice and clean again. I like to start with a clean table top.

    Now, I've got to go iron. Hee hee.