Friday, October 9, 2009

Earthworm and A Ladybug Feasting on Aphids.

Pleased to say that I've finished a couple of small pieces. Well, almost finished. I still need to add string or wire so they may be hung.

This is an earthworm. Worm compost inspired.

I do love this piece! Nice flowing lines on the worms outline. My favorite green and I do like the contrasting pink. The black lines are grass. Earth and grass meeting at the bottom.

Ladybug feasting on aphids.

Today we worked on a leaf painting project that kept us busy for a while. The leaves we collected were from our front and backyard. Finger painting the leaves was a lot easier than using the brushes I first had her use. It's refreshing to watch Toot dive into the paints and not be afraid to get her fingers full of paint. The paints are non-toxic.

We glued the leaves beside their print and I put them in a clear sleeve to keep them for memories.

As you can see Tootie is also learning how to write. She can write her name without my spelling it out for her. All other words she asks me to spell out and she'll meticulously write each letter with great care. She likes making lists for when we go to the farmer's market. The last list she made had a single word, "Strawberries".


  1. Love the Lady Bug! Lovely creations :D

  2. What beautiful creations! How wonderful that Toot inherited your talent. :)

  3. Those sculpy things just keep getting better and better. (of course, I'm a sucker for anything with bugs!)

    I'm also a big fan of leaf art. If you haven't seen this book, you should check it out.

  4. I'm happy with these and I'm delighted to receive any encouragement from your comments. Thank you, Val, Tantra, and Cindy. I thought of you Cindy when I made these.

    Cindy, thanks for the Leaf Art book link. I'm going to see if I can check it out at one of our local libraries. It has a great book cover. I'm always looking for books that have fun projects for us to explore.

    Sorry, for the delay in my response. My girl caught a cold over the weekend. She is slowly getting better.

  5. Love, love the art pieces :)) The series are turning out beautiful :))

    Tootie is sweet :))