Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Vault - 1990 Series

I painted these in 1990....four years before I got sober. I'm finally letting them go. That's if they sell. If they don't, I will be putting them back in the vault.
This piece is part of a diptych. If you would like to see the matching piece that goes with it you will have to click here. The title of the set is called, "Green Torso and Green Ass /Diptych-Set 1".
This one is called, "Red Nena No 1" and it is also up on Etsy for sale. These are originals.
Click here to see it in my store with description and price.


  1. is this me?? pedrito said you got me titties on the right places.



  2. Yes it is!
    You were a big influence in my paintings back then. Walking around in the nude and not batting an eyelash. You were wild! I loved your freedom.

    The armpit hairs were mine. I don't think you ever let your pit hairs grow out...hee hee.