Monday, May 24, 2010

Chasing the sun for good light

It always feels good to get several hours for painting. I've been working on this piece for several months now. Lately I've been lucky to get a Saturday or Sunday to paint for a few hours. Come this summer I will have more time to paint. It's probably difficult to make out, but it is a landscape. Landscapes have been on my mind a lot and it's been easy for me to express these visions in my latest paintings. I need to get out in open spaces. My girl has been noticing how much I enjoy painting. On this day she gathered her art supplies and started to draw on her table beside me. She's learning to spend more time on her drawings. Her details amaze and inspire me. Love!


  1. Hi,

    I really enjoyed the feelings this painting left me. It is weird sometimes we create stuff that comes from our minds, and hearts and touch others like your daughter. You should continue theses projects... :)

  2. Thanks, Jesse
    I am almost finished with this piece. I will post the finished piece soon. Thank you for stopping by. I haven't posted much and this is because I haven't painted much. I will be back with a lot more to post this summer. Take care and keep painting!

  3. Hello Anna,

    I'm back to the www - wonderful painting. Your little girl could be a great artist too - time to come.
    (my new blog -

  4. Pura- Hello!
    I love the new look on your blog. New beginning and clean slate always inspired me and I know it will do you good. I will visit and keep encouraging.

  5. Pura and Gene- Yes! This is a new slate. I am going through some major changes here at home and I knew that I had to come back to my blog and start again. New! It does feel good to see happier colors. I'm still tweaking, but this is pretty much the new look. Thanks for posting!