Sunday, January 10, 2010

Happy New Year! oooops! A little late...

in the post and it's still okay. It's all good.
I'm enjoying a nice warm cup of coffee this morning. The Monstritos are asleep and I like the quiet. I got to hear the neighborhood rooster while I admired the kitchen curtains I made yesterday. I will post photos later today (..Here's my photo). For now, I just want to post something to keep my blog from feeling abandoned. I've got my brand new schedule book and it's been filled with activities, projects and thoughts. I decided to get back to a schedule book that I can write on and look at without having to turn on the computer. Getting on the computer to check my emails, schedules and everything else became a time consuming distraction....oh and Facebook too. I'll have to admit that I got drawn into Facebook. It has been nice reconnecting with old friends, but there is only so much I want to know about what they are doing. Anyway, I've finally weened myself from Facebook and I plan to get back to my blog and artwork on Etsy.
Got to go! The Monstritos are up!


  1. Happy New Year to you too, Anna!!! I have missed you, darlin'!!! The last time I visited your blog, I could not find the link to leave you a comment to let you know I was here. I am so happy to see you post. I always enjoy reading you.

    I too use a regular date book that I keep in my purse. It's so much handier. I agree with you, the internet can be a distraction.

    Life has gotten so busy, I am terrible about keeping up with Blogger. I'm not on Facebook much either, but if you would like to add me there my url is and I would love to be in touch with you.

    A wonderful 2010 to you and your loved ones. :) Namaste

  2. Wow! I was surprised to have a comment so quickly. I didn't think anyone was checking my blog anymore. Thank you, Lisa! It's so nice to hear from you. I have been by your blog to see if you've posted anything new, but I see you've also been busy with good things. That's great!

    I'll see you on Facebook. I'll let you know now I don't do Farmville or anymore lists, but I do occasionally comment and "like" on friends/family posts. I miss the blogging, so I will be back here more often.
    Take care and Peace.

  3. Twitter and Facebook are seductive in that they allow a "short" burst of concentration, not the internal drama of publishing a blog post. [And some people do abuse the opportunity!!!:-(]
    There's a visitor counter available through; you might be surprised how many people drop by, even when there've been many days of inactivity.
    Your posts are always interesting. Happy New Year!