Monday, June 8, 2009

My first Sewing Project

Two weekends ago we went to our Toot's Dorothy recital. It's a Ballet/Tap class which she has taken three times now. The first time she was in the recital (she was two) she cried off the stage. Not this time. She's got this whole performing on stage concept down now. The Gorilla and I are still smiling from her performance. 

This time we parents had to sew the outfit and I was eager to get my mother's old sewing machine out and give it a try. Not bad, if I do say so myself. 

I'm a little sick right now, but I managed to sketch a drawing in my large sketchbook. Hooray!
Photos will have to come later. It's a large piece, so I'll have to photograph it. 

I'm so excited for summer to get here. These gloomy days are getting to me now. 


  1. You did a great job on the dress. Sounds like so much fun! Namaste

  2. She looks so proud! What a lovely experience

  3. I had no idea being a mother would be such an amazing adventure.

    Thanks for visiting Tantra Flower and Amber.

  4. My model is so easy and grateful. She's definitely a keeper. Next season coming to Lifetime-I'm all over it.

  5. Good job and what a little cute girl!

  6. Anna, I tagged you today. :) You can visit my blog after 11:00 AM for details. Don't be mad, it's only because I love you! :) Namaste

  7. Hi Anna its Samantha :] Yes I got a blog haha. I've been nearly dieing to comment on this ;] I just love that outfit it looks adorable :] I think I use to have a pair of Dorothy shoes haha. Or if it was Van well it was still embarrassing to know people have either seen one of us in those shoes! :]
    Alrighty take care :]

  8. Hi Sam,
    I remember those ruby slippers. Lucky you! I thought about painting her ballet shoes red, but opted out and kept them pink.
    Hugs! thanks for commenting. I thought of you yesterday. I'll explain in your blog....