Monday, June 25, 2007

My "Etsy" Banner is up!

Check on the Link under "My Etsy Shop" to the right of this post.

Another challenge completed! It really feels great to figure these things out for myself. This is the banner I'll be using for now. When I have time to be a little more creative I will be updating it. For now this is perfect!

This past Sunday the family and I were sellers in the community Flea Market. I thought I'd try to sell some of Itty's clothes and items that she has outgrown, but not a bite for any of the items. Everything was in excellent condition with low prices, but no one was interested. So I donated everything to my Sister who knows someone who is having a yard sale and hopefully someone will buy it there. I just want them to go to someone who can use some great stuff.

I accepted a lot of used items for my Itty because I saw no reason in spending a lot of money on things she will outgrow very quickly. We used new and used and I took good care of everything, especially my little girl! She's growing so quickly and I'm enjoying every minute of it.


  1. yes it is, good going Anne! Congratulatios.

  2. Cool It works fine. All you got to do is put some stuf to sell.

  3. Thank you for checking.

    I will be posting prints and drawings to sell very soon. I just have to get all the details set up on Etsy before I start selling. I appreciate your checking in to see how it looks on the other end.

  4. Hi Ana!

    Natalie is so cute! I can't believe I haven't met her yet. Your art is looking great too. I can't wait for your etsy shop to open up.